Budget consultation 2010/11

Budget consultationBristol City Council’s Cabinet have published their draft budget for the next financial year 2010-11 .  This year’s budget proposals aim to keep rises in council tax bills down to 2%. We expect to gain £1.7 million in the coming year from our ongoing programme transforming the way the council works. This money will be ploughed back into protecting frontline services where it is needed most.   The 2010-11 Budget consultation closed on Monday 18th January.  You can see the draft budget proposals in full, background papers and the results of the consultation at www.bristol.gov.uk/budgetconsultation.

The priorities identified in the draft budget proposals are:

  • Spending money most efficiently and coping with cost pressures
  • Improving the environment and neighbourhoods
  • Improving our high skilled future and promoting the city’s sustainable economic growth
  • Looking after the most vulnerable people in the city

‘Ask the Leader’ YouTube video interview

This year, in advance of the budget-setting meeting in February, we invited questions from the public about the draft budget proposals for 2010-11.  The leader of the council, Councillor Barbara Janke responds to these questions in a series of youtube interviews you can watch at  http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=475B60239CE9F3C8

Questions relate to:

  • Public sector spending
  • Digital city
  • Paying for services
  • Spending on mental health services and vulnerable people
  • Spending on schools
  • Transport and traffic
  • Carbon reduction

The Cabinet will be discussing the draft Budget for 2010-11 at their meeting on Thursday 28th January.  The Budget will be set at a Full Council meeting on Tuesday 23rd February.  Both of these meetings will be webcast at www.bristol.gov.uk/webcast so you can watch the meetings live or after the event.

12 thoughts on “Budget consultation 2010/11

  1. Some early thoughts:

    Corporate Management and Strategy so good we pay for it twice!


    Corporate Management and Strategy 5,732,000


    Corporate Management and Strategy 2,047,000

    Pricey too!



    Policy 454,000
    Performance and Improvement Team 425,000


    Organisational Development 486,000
    Business Process reengineering 352,000
    New Ways of Working 577,000

    All-in-all that’s about £10m.

    Surely some of these are very similar? The empire building and factional in-fighting must be fascinating …

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