City Centre layout changes – northern section images

The city centre layout debate has attracted much interest – take a look at the background information from the previous post if you’ve not already done so.
View from Quay Street

View from Quay Street

The new visualisations show how a new people orientated, rather than traffic dominated, environment, could be created.  The concept demonstrates the opportunity to create a series of linked public spaces, set within an attractive new green setting – more trees, and planting that would provide softening at ground level.   It demonstrates that the Cenotaph, could sit within its own identifiable space without moving from its current location, whilst enjoying greater public access, through being at a point between new pedestrian crossing points.

The images also show the benefits to pedestrians, bus users, and cyclists, in having an environment that is more special to them, through being of a more human scale and, less interrupted by vehicular movement.  Improvement of the quality of experience for the bus traveller is seen as crucial to attracting greater use of public transport, and having a high quality environment where people access buses is felt particularly important.  It is also recognised that, in further enhancing the City’s most central of public spaces, it will become more attractive still to local people and visitors alike.’

Click here to download a pdf of high quality early visualisations of the City Centre Northern Section

Visualisation from Quay Street towards Colston Tower

Visualisation from Quay Street towards Colston Tower

City centre promenade - north section

City centre promenade - north section

Aerial visualisation of the Cenotaph

Aerial visualisation of the Cenotaph

Remember – these are early visualisations and as with the rest of the City Centre layout debate, no decisions have been made.   We’re trying something new with this debate of sharing early ideas and images with you in order to hear your ideas and develop a joint approach.

This discussion has now closed. Thank you for the useful comments and information you have provided. These will be used to inform the Major Scheme Business Case submission to the DfT we are currently preparing as part of the North Fringe to Hengrove Package which is due to be submitted in late March 2010.

This is not the end of our engagement process with the public and other stakeholders. As the project progresses, there will be many more opportunities to have your say on Bristol City Centre. Developing and regenerating Bristol City Centre, especially the Centre, can be an emotive issue and we need to make sure this is done in a considered manner. We look forward to engaging with you about this in the future.

14 thoughts on “City Centre layout changes – northern section images

  1. The visualisations look wonderful and I admire the aspirations as well as inviting comment so early in the design phase.

    I love the idea of having a more open area and although I understand the concerns that others have raised about allowing cyclists to whizz through, think it would be a shame to divide up the space and prefer the idea of a shared space environment where everyone learns to live together.

    The other nagging concern I have is that it’s difficult enough to drive around the city (much as my preference is usually to walk or occasionally cycle) so hope that the plans don’t make it even worse.

    Will all the buses go through the centre? If so, I also have safety concerns and hope that something is done to improve the emissions so that it’s not too toxic.

    For what it’s worth, am not over excited by some of the other people’s proposals to free up the Frome.

  2. It will still be a traffic island with buses and/or cars running both directions each side of the centre.

    We need to think more radically. Try to minimise the number of routes used by buses – why do we need a bus coming down Colston Street? Take that out and the area in front of the Colston Hall can be properly pedestrianised. Do we really need buses running down Baldwin Street?

    Which routes will use the cross over between the end of Baldwin St and Colston St – if it’s there so that buses from St George can turn back as they do now then wouldn’t it be better if they ran round the BRT circuit so that you could actually get a bus from St George to Temple Meads?

    There needs to be a review of all buses coming into the centre of Bristol and which routes they take.

    Having sorted the buses we can then plan proper through routes for cyclists.

    Having done buses and cyclists then think about cars – is there really a need for anyone to drive through the centre?

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