Improving walking and cycling along the River Frome

Better by bike logoAn upgraded cycle and pedestrian route

The Frome Greenway Transformation is an ambitious project which sets out a vision for an important transport corridor, and includes a range of enhancements.   It will be implemented as part of the Cycling City Project, and is funded from s106 contributions from the Cabot Circus development, under an air quality provision.

We want to greatly increase the usage of the route by cyclists and pedestrians, whilst achieving a shift away from vehicle use, leading to associated air-quality improvement.   Creating a well marked, continuous route that has the following attributes:

  • environmental enhancement
  • distinct identity
  • high quality designed features
  • good linkages along (and into) the corridor
  • improved ecology
  • amenities
  • safety

The project presents a unique opportunity to contribute towards making Bristol a better, greener, more livable place.

This scheme will provide the final missing link in a continuous, largely off road, route from Cabot Circus to Eastville Park, Snuff Mills and Frenchay. Part of the route will be on a shared-use footway alongside the one way section of Stapleton Rd where there is currently no provision for cyclists to go north. This will require some re-location of parking, but more parking will be created to replace that which is lost and also to provide some additional spaces. The extra width and removal of pavement parking will be of huge benefit to pedestrians, wheelchair users, the elderly and families as well as cyclists.

You can see a summary and a map with sketches of how new elements along the path might look.  You will need to zoom into the document and scroll around to see the whole route. Links to the PDF’s can be found at the bottom of the page if you find it easier.

We would like to know whether you already use this path or not, as a walker or a cyclists.

  • What do you think of the proposals for improving the route?
  • Would it encourage you to use the route more for commuting or leisure?

You can submit your comments for open discussion on this forum, or respond privately using the questionnaire.

Frome Greenway transformation map
Frome Greenway summary sheet

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18 thoughts on “Improving walking and cycling along the River Frome

  1. The plans look good. This isn’t a route I was aware of but I will investigate it now and would be much more likely to use it following the implementation of the identified improvements. I have a reservation about ongoing maintenance – these type of schemes can get a lot of focus while they’re being implemented but then fall into disrepair. What provisions have been made for ongoing maintenance, e.g. pruning and weeding etc

  2. Great plans, I use the route often. I agree with commetns about linkage to Eastville Park. Needs to promote safety, green barriers and art/planned graffiti etc. How about some photos of streets that used to be where Riverside park, M32 etc are now – they exist in some books of Bristol’s history, and the houses were demolished within memory of people aged unde 60. Like the docks photos. And you cant demolish the wall between Riverside Park and Frome – its traditional stone and been there a long time!

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