Bristol central area – your places to cherish or change?

We’re asking for your views on what’s to like – and what’s not to like about Bristol’s central area, soon to be subject of a major planning consultation.

View from St Mary Redcliffe The Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy envisages significant change in the city centre, including  new homes, new high quality office floorspace, new transport infrastructure and expansion of key institutions. It proposes that the city centre is expanded to accommodate growth and aims to ensure that members of more deprived communities close to the city centre benefit directly from change.

This level of change raises critical questions:

  • What kind of central area do we want?
  • How do we create a shared vision that reflects the concerns and aspirations of people who live and work in the central area and those of the wider public?
  • How do we meet challenges such as responding to climate change and securing sustainable transport?
  • How do we make the most of our streets and public spaces, and attract investment?
  • What are the tools we need, and what do we need to do to make these things happen?

The Bristol Central Area Action Plan will set out some of the answers to those questions, and provide some of the tools, through its policies and programmes.  The Plan will form part of the Bristol Development Framework

The community will have a range of opportunities to be involved in the preparation of the Plan and we need to start by understanding the issues that concern the community and the challenges presented in addressing those issues.  One of the ways we are building an understanding is by “Asking Bristol” two simple questions:

  1. What is it that you like about the central area of Bristol
  2. What is it that you hope will be different in a future central area?
Cherish and change map

Place your cherish and change points on our map

Hence our Ask Bristol web surveyCherish and Change.  Please follow the link to the map of the central area to let us know what you Cherish in the central area and what you think could be Changed for the better.  We’d like you to pinpoint up to three locations in each category and tell us why you cherish or would change them.  You can attach pictures to your pinpoint if you like, to emphasise your view, and you can add your comments to the pinpoints of others.

For more information on the Bristol Development Framework visit

Take part in this consultation

Some images of the Bristol’s Central Area to start you thinking:

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