Neighbourhoods – Budget Conversation


Graham Sims - Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods

Graham Sims - Director for Neighbourhoods


Continuing with our promise to publish more detailed information about our budget, here are the details for the second large service area – neighbourhoods – showing how much we spend, where the money comes from, what some of the major trends and pressures are, and how our spending compares with other comparable areas.

So – if you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to empty your bins, or whether we spend less on administering housing benefit than other cities – or for all the facts and figures on parks, housing or community safety…

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We hope you’ll find this useful in helping you give us your thoughts and ideas around our four big questions:

  • Which services, if any, should we consider delivering at a reduced level or even ceasing altogether?
  • Which services might be better provided by other bodies, such as the voluntary sector, or with others, such as the NHS or neighbouring councils?
  • Do you have any other ideas based on your experience for service areas where we could further explore saving money?
  • Are there any service areas from which we should aim to raise more income?

Watch Graham Sims, Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods, talk about the difficult budget decisions ahead and join the debate