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Will Godfrey - Director for Resources

Will Godfrey - Director for Resources


Here is the final installment of  detailed information about service areas – Central/ Support services, which helps support delivery of front line services for the people of Bristol.

The information shows how much we spend, where the money comes from, what some of the major trends and pressures are, and how our spending compares with other comparable areas.

There are three support Directorates making up Central/Support Services.  These are Resources, Transformation and Deputy Chief Executives Department.  In the future these departments will be combined into two, leading to further savings.

Central / Support Services covers a wide range of Council services including:

  • Professional services – Legal, Finance, Human Resources etc.
  • Customer facing services – Council Tax, Customer Service Centre, Land Charges, Registrars etc
  • Support Functions – Information and Communications, Technology, Cleaning, Security, Buildings etc.

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Watch Will Godfrey, Director for Resources talk about Central/Support Services and join the debate

We hope you’ll find this useful in helping you give us your thoughts and ideas around our four big questions:

  • Which services, if any, should we consider delivering at a reduced level or even ceasing altogether?
  • Which services might be better provided by other bodies, such as the voluntary sector, or with others, such as the NHS or neighbouring councils?
  • Do you have any other ideas based on your experience for service areas where we could further explore saving money?
  • Are there any service areas from which we should aim to raise more income?
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