WANTED! Bright ideas to improve central Bristol

Central Area Action PlanDo you have a bright idea about how Bristol’s central area could be improved?  How could your idea be delivered at a time of reductions in public spending  – which company / organisation could help fund it? Visit our ideas site and let us know or vote or comment on other people’s ideas.

Visit the ideas site and have your say

The council is looking for your ideas as part of a major new planning document for central Bristol we are developing as part of the Bristol Development Framework.  This document will set out a detailed vision to reinforce the unique character and reputation of the city centre and cover the delivery of new homes and commercial, creative and leisure space until 2026.

Learn more about the Bristol Central Area Action Plan

Building on Cherish and Change consultation

The first phase of the consultation asked people to identify issues – places  in the central area they cherish and the ones they want to change.  The interactive map from this phase of the consultation (now closed) can be seen here and attracted over 925 comments. Ten main themes emerging from this are people want a:

  1. LightbulbA more connected central area…where moving around is comfortable, convenient, efficient and legible
  2. A rebalanced central area…where more of the public realm is given over to people rather than vehicles
  3. A more human central area…where post-war mistakes are repaired
  4. A prosperous central area…with a quality shopping, cultural and tourism offer and wealth shared across more deprived neighbourhoods
  5. A liveable central area…which welcomes young and old, as an enjoyable place to live, work and socialise
  6. A distinctive central area…comprised of neighbourhoods each with a special sense of place
  7. An unorthodox central area…creative, entrepreneurial, quirky, independent with a radical edge
  8. A beautiful central area…where well-designed buildings and spaces respond to local context, work well and last
  9. A resilient central area…where the emphasis is switched from grey to green
  10. A redefined central area…that embraces and integrates better with its Eastern fringe

A more detailed summary of the first phase of consultation is also available.

The current phase of public involvement asks people for their practical ideas to address these themes.  We’re looking for realistic, deliverable ideas – so it’s important to read our pointers prior to suggesting your idea.  Your ideas will contribute to the draft central area action plan which will be published later in the year.  This will draft plan will be subject to a further public consultation, including the statutory phase.

Tapping into Bristol’s ideas

The pilot  ideas website is funded by the National Endowment of Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA)  – who are interested in the potential of these sites to involve as many people as possible to encourage people to be contribute their own ideas and unlock fresh thinking about how we can solve the challenges faced by local and central government.