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Mike Bennett - Place Director

Mike Bennett - Place Making Director

Mike Bennett is Bristol’s Place Making Director and is dedicated to developing initiatives to highlight Bristol’s distinctive qualities to attract more visitors and promote economic development.   You can follow Mike’s work on his blog and his twitter account .  In these hard economic times, he’s particularly looking for people to actively contribute to delivering these projects and is very open to suggestions and debate.  This is an article reproduced from Mike’s blog – give your feedback in the polls and click on the link to discuss these ideas for improving the cultural life of the city and its sense of place for the benefit of citizens and visitors.

How can we animate the city more to attract talent, tourism and trade whilst reinforcing our creative, unorthodox and innovative values?

So, our first get together to discuss what ideas we all had to animate the city, resulted in pages and pages of stuff. Since then we’ve done a bit of editing, restructuring, grouping and fleshing out. Over the last few weeks people have added to and expanded on some of the ideas, aswell as come up with completely new suggestions.

So below is a series of surveys, grouped together around some of the ideas we generated and grouped (sort of) into appropriate themes.

Now we want to open this initial list out, as far and as wide as we can to get a lot more feedback and input. We want to see how people feel about these initial ideas, what they love, hate, what they feel has legs and what they want to see happen across the city over the next few years. We also want people to throw as many new and different ideas into the mix too which we can add to the list.

Please note these are only ideas, starters for 10 at this stage. It’s not a comprehensive list of absolutely everything, or a strategy.  You’ll also notice not all of these suggestions are new. Some of them have been ”around the city” for many years (but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take another look at them).

So look down each list and vote for your favourite three. I know it looks like a big long list (it is) but it should just take 2 minutes.  Feel free to add any new ideas and comments too.

After Christmas we’ll take all the votes, feedback and suggestions onboard and come up with an initial plan of action. Probably based on the top 3 ideas we absolutely must look to take forward (with further discussion). These will then form part of my place making plan and I’ll be responsible for getting buy-in, finding the money and helping to deliver it.

Please vote for up to 3 ideas, per survey.

Will keep you in the loop!

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