Residential Services and Day Opportunities Consultation

The consultations on Residential Care and Day Opportunities ended at midnight on 29th February 2012. We will no longer be able to respond to questions and comments posted after this date.

Any questions posted before this date which have not yet been responded to will be answered as soon as possible.

To date we have had 214 questionnaires returned for Residential Consultation and 467 for Day Opportunities. We have held over 60 meetings and events across the city for residents, service users, families and carers, staff and providers. All comments made at the meetings have been recorded and are being analysed along with the questionnaires.

Options and any recommendations to Cabinet will be developed from a combination of the consultations, a study of what other local authorities have done or are doing and, a range of analyses such as level and type of predicted need, condition of buildings, geographic spread of services and financial viability.

The Cabinet reports on Day Opportunities and Residential Care being submitted to Cabinet on 29th March are public documents. It will be possible to view them on the Bristol City Council Website from the middle of March. The Cabinet meeting is a public meeting which anyone can attend and the minutes of the meeting will also be available on the website.

We will keep you updated about what will happen next using this page.

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