Terms and conditons

This site is a wordpress.com site provided by a company called Automattic and is covered by their terms and conditions.  Contributions and visitors to the site are covered by these terms and conditions.

Site data is securely held by wordpress.com and accessible by the Consultation & Research Team of Bristol City Council.

Website log files and IP addresses

All websites produce log files that record the activity on that site. Log files record which pages on the site have been accessed and how many times. From this information it is possible to produce statistics such as how busy the website is, which pages are the most popular and whether there are any broken links.

Log files typically record the IP address (a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication) and/or hostname of all users accessing the website. This allows us to distinguish between different users and therefore estimate the number of unique visitors to the website.

Specific IP addresses and hostnames will not be published or released from any Bristol City Council website since the council considers it to be potentially personally identifiable information as; we cannot differentiate between fixed and dynamic IP addresses and we may, on specified websites e.g. ASK Bristol wordpress site, hold personally identifiable information associated with your IP address.

The ASK Bristol wordpress (https://askbristol.wordpress.com/) site is a hosted service provided by http://automattic.com and collects the IP address in line with Automattic’s privacy policy http://automattic.com/privacy/ which also states why the information is collected.   In common with all wordpress sites,  the IP address of users who submit a comment is viewable by the administrators of the site alongside name, email and comment.  In the case of the ASK Bristol wordpress site, this information is viewable by The Consultation & Research Team of Bristol City Council

On the ASK Bristol wordpress website, IP addresses are stored securely on the website using industry best practice methods for safeguarding information and server functions by the providers of the website Automattic (http://automattic.com/privacy/ )

After 2 years, Bristol City Council will delete comments, including IP address and any personally identifiable information you have given from the site.