Proposed 20mph pilot scheme

Proposed 20mph pilot scheme

Discussion started: 25/08/09
Discussion ended: 30/09/09


Two pilot 20mph areas were proposed as part of the Cycling City and Active Bristol collaboration in order to:

  • improve road safety,
  • encourage more people to take up walking and cycling, and
  • help provide higher quality local environments for people to live in.

The two proposed 20mph pilot areas cover Inner East Bristol (map) and Inner South Bristol (map).

The proposal planned to install 20mph signs at road entrances and smaller ones at regular intervals along the roadside.  There will also be 20mph markings painted in the road at entrances to the area to remind people of the lower speed limit.  The 20mph limits will NOT involve the introduction of any physical traffic calming features such as speed humps, chicanes etc.  The 20mph limit will apply to all roads within the pilot areas, except those that are considered to be major routes (marked in red on the maps).

The following questions were asked:

  • Do you think we are right to exclude major roads from the pilot schemes?
  • Would you like to see these limits extended to other parts of the city?
  • Do you think the proposed pilot scheme is a good or bad idea and why?
  • What else could we do to encourage people to walk/cycle instead of using their car?

For further details of the scheme go to

Comment wrap-up

Analysis of the 83 posted comments found that there were 29 positive and 29 negative responses to the discussion points as detailed in the summary table, whilst the remaining 25 were neutral responses.  Of the themes identified from the discussion, concern over enforcement of speed limits was the most frequently occurring of these followed by concern over the expense of the scheme.

The comments on Ask Bristol were used alongside comments from residents within the proposal area to inform the plans.  Revised plans can be seen at