Banksy versus Bristol Museum

Discussion started: 17/06/09
Discussion ended: 18/09/09


Banksy verus Bristol Museum exhibition ran from from 13th June to 31st August 2009.   Over the 12 weeks, more than 300, 000 people visited the exhibition,  around 4000 each day.

Comment wrap up

Debate on the discussion forum was around whether the council should be putting on an exhibition of a graffiti artist when it spends money cleaning off tagging, and the distinction between street art which some think can have a positive impact on an area, and tagging .  A lot of the comments were in support of the exhibition, what people enjoyed about it, and the benefits for Bristol.  However there was some dissatisfaction about how difficult it was to get in to the exhibition, the length of the queue and the lack of a booking system.

See what people said about the exhibition here:

The Banksy exhibition brought in visitors from all over the UK and internationally.  There was a lot of discussion about the exhibition on the Banksy forum here