Budget Conversation 2011-12

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We’ve been talking with local people throughout June, July, August and September 2010 in relation to any ideas they might have about how the Council should best set its spending priorities for the coming year, and beyond.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part.

We asked four questions:

  • Which services, if any, should we consider delivering at a reduced level or even ceasing altogether?
  • Which services might be better provided by other bodies, such as the voluntary sector, or with others, such as the NHS or neighbouring councils?
  • Do you have any other ideas based on your experience for service areas where we could further explore saving money?
  • Are there any service areas from which we should aim to raise more income?

We also provided a huge amount of background information on our current spending, comparing the costs of key council services in Bristol to how much they cost in other similar council areas.

Thousands of people have visited our website, and nearly 600 have responded with their own contributions, suggestions, and answers to these questions. Every comment was read and shown to the relevant Service Director.

Many of the comments from the public were around similar themes – and the conversation really took off where people added their own thoughts to a suggestion or question that came from another resident.

The comments largely fell into around 70 different themes which can be seen in the feedback reports.  A selection of suggestions reflecting each of these themes were picked out and discussed at length by the City Council’s Cabinet and senior staff.  These suggestions  met with one or more criteria:

  • potentially creating savings with long term benefits
  • not have an adverse impact on the most vulnerable members of society
  • within the remit of Bristol City Council to change
  • popular among other readers of the online discussion
  • could improve health and well-being now and in the future
  • were beneficial to the city’s sustainable and green agenda

See 2011-12 suggestions from the public and our response

A report for each service area shows these suggestions and the Council’s initial outline response which will be followed up by each service area.  In most cases, we’ve identified at least some element of the original suggestion that we can usefully take forward.

Thank you again to everybody who has taken part, and for all of the suggestions and challenges.

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3 thoughts on “Budget Conversation 2011-12

    • e.g. Cutting grass less frequently. Not sweeping (or rather blowing using wasteful energy) up autumn leaves off grassy areas. Let them rot naturally.


    We all love flowers but….
    All the green areas looked after by Bristol Council ( parks, roundabouts , pathways, public buildings etc) should be planted ONCE with perennial flowers and low maintenance flowering or coloured bushes and flowering fruit trees . ( or local vegetable patches)
    A smaller budget can then be used for maintenance , pruning , rubbish clearing etc
    Why waste money on annuals and frequent replanting and extra watering ?

    The gardens around the council’s own local Neighbourhood offices should be better maintained. ( eg the office at Lawrence Weston is surrounded by rubbish) The officers in each building could set a good example of sustainability and good housekeeping to the citizens of Bristol.

    Make Bristol in Bloom an eco greener option.

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