Climate change – what do you think?

Discussion started: 23/11/07
Discussion ended: 25/02/08


We asked you how Bristol should tackle climate change locally.

Bristol City Council’s Climate Change Select Committee met over a number of months to discuss a range of issues and wanted your views to help them understand how people think in Bristol.

The committee had three questions they wanted your feedback on:

  1. What examples of energy saving in the workplace do you know of that the Council could learn from and adopt?
  2. What action would you like to take to improve the energy efficiency of your home and how do you think the Council could help or enable you to do this?
  3. What are the alternatives to car based travel in your area? Which do you or your family use?

Comment wrap-up

Many people seemed keen to reduce their own impact on climate change.

A large proportion of the comments received were related to transport issues.  The strength of feeling was particularly expressed in relation to improving existing public transport within and around Bristol, with many criticisms of the service provided currently by First Bus.  In addition, many people felt strongly that the cycling networks needed to be more joined up, safer and better implemented across the city.

Many people also expressed their desire to be more energy efficient at home and requested better information about the effectiveness of different approaches as well as clearer guidance on planning issues that would relate to the installation of energy efficiency measures such as double glazing and solar panels.

Overall there was a feeling that most people were conscious of climate change issues and would like to reduce their own carbon footprint with support from improved council policies and action.

It should be noted that many of the points raised within the discussion forum are general issues related to the council’s core business, not just the climate change agenda.  This could mean that by introducing a wide range of measures in order to meet our CO2 reduction targets, the outcome should be a significant improvement in quality of life across the city.

The recommendations were drawn up to reflect the views of ASK Bristol members as well as staff and organisations who were consulted during this process.

More information on what the council and the government are doing to tackle climate change can be found at