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Environmental” or “ambient” noise is unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activities, including road, rail, aircraft and industrial noise.

We asked for your views on how environmental noise affects you so you can influence how the Noise Action Plan is implemented in Bristol.  We asked whether you are annoyed by traffic noise where you live and what you think could be done about excessive levels of traffic noise.  Participant’s also added their favourite quiet place to an interactive map at

The council has mapped environmental noise in Bristol, which can be viewed at

We will be giving you more opportunities to influence the implementation of the Noise Action Plan during 2009 as part of an EU funded project called Citizenscape.

Cllr Jon Rogers the Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability and Ward councillor for Ashley has read the comments here and is interested in the outcome of the discussion.  See him comment on the issue of noise pollution here:

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Here is a summary of the comments from the discussion on this site and on the discussion on

Summary of askbristol data on traffic noise pollution

You can view the closed discussion thread here.