10 August update

Roof inspection of Carriage Works

The roof inspection took place early on Sunday 10 July.  This was a visual inspection using an access platform on Stokes Croft.  The conclusion is that although the roof is in poor condition the listed Carriage Works building is not at immediate risk.  English Heritage attended the inspection.  A copy of the report has been forwarded to the owner.
Roof inspection reports

Steering Group meeting 2nd August2011

The latest meeting of the local Steering Group was held on 2 August.  The meeting confirmed the appointment of 2md as consultant facilitators for the next phase of consultation.  2md, the council and the stakeholder group will now work together to design and progress a wide and inclusive programme of public consultation to be carried out over the next four months.  Watch out for details and notices.
Steering Group minutes 2 August 2011
Steering Group flip chart Notes 2 Aug 2011

24 June 2011 Update
Appointing and independent facilitator

A number of parties identified by the community have been invited to tender to act as consultation facilitator.  Their role will be to work with the community steering group and the council to design and undertake a consultation process leading to a community brief for the site that will form part of any future development process.

Roof inspection of Carriage Works

The council is organising an external inspection of the roof of the listed Carriage Works.  This is proposed for early July.  It will be a visual inspection to verify the building is not deteriorating and that it is safe for the future.  English Heritage will attend.

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