Meetings minutes and reports

Steering Group meeting  2 August 2011

The latest meeting of the local Steering Group was held on 2 August.  The meeting confirmed the appointment of 2md as consultant facilitators for the next phase of consultation.  2md, the council and the stakeholder group will now work together to design and progress a wide and inclusive programme of public consultation to be carried out over the next four months.  Watch out for details and notices.
Meeting minutes 2 August 2011
Steering Group flip chart Notes 2 Aug 2011
Steering Group meeting 7 June 2011

Following the public meeting in February a group of volunteers met on 19 April to discuss the setting up of a steering group.  Initially this was thought to be a stakeholders group but that will be established separately.  The steering group met on 7 June.  It agreed it’s remit and discussed with the council how consultation should be set up.

The council is now proceeding with the steering group to appoint independent consultation facilitators to design, agree and take forward a programme of wide public and stakeholder consultation about the site over the late summer.
Meeting minutes 7 June 2011

Holding Group meeting 19 April 2011

Notes of public meeting 18 Feb 11

Cabinet report 3 March 2011

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