Avonmouth wind turbine proposal

Wind turbine

Discussion started: 05/03/08
Discussion ended: 01/05/08


We asked you what you thought about green electricity for Bristol.

The proposal was to build two wind turbines on a former oil tank site in Avonmouth.  The turbines could supply one fifth of the council’s electricity needs, with the power being used for public services like schools and care homes.  Producing our own green electricity would also help us lower and have greater control over our future electricity costs.  The proposal would also significantly reduce the council’s and city’s carbon footprint and help us to meet UK government and EU targets for carbon reductions.

You can find out more about this project at www.bristol.gov.uk/wind

Comment wrap-up

The public consultation survey attracted 255 responses.

164 people thought the site was suitable.  An overwhelming majority was also happy with the proposed dimensions and the visual impact of the turbines.  A stakeholder consultation event was also held on 15 July to which respondents to the survey were invited alongside statutory consultees.

The full results of the whole consultation were presented in the Statement of Community Involvement, which accompanied the planning application submitted in August 2008.